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AJEC's Eastern Region Department of Education has been entrusted to share and educate this generation in the Truth of the Gospel. 


This department was created to do the following:


  • Organize activities to train the youth of our association in the basic and fundamental knowledge of the Word of God.

  • To promote education amongst our youth so that through biblical teaching they can live victorious Christian lives.

  • To also provide counseling and guidance services to the youth of our association.

  • To equip youth with the instruments aimed at meeting the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs of the young people for the development of the church.


You can have the privilege to attend "Instituto Biblico Mizpa," our region's accredited Bible Institute. This Institute was designed for people with a desire to prepare themselves theologically for their personal and spiritual lives. 

The purpose in which Mizpa was established was to encourage our youth to gain a hunger for the word of God, share their faith with the world, to be equipt to defend the faith, and create disciples of all the nations as it is written in Matthew 28:19 - 20. If you are interested in joining, contact our department for more information



Nuestro hermano Henry Lopez es nuestro Director Regional del Departamento de Educación Cristiana. Para cualquier pregunta, oprime el enlace abajo para comuníquese con él.

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